Doctor-Patient Communication

Absolutely Simplified.

What is DPN?

DPN is the short form for Doctor Private Number. It is a unique 6-digit code assigned to the mobile number of every doctor on the CallWithDoctor app. Doctors can share their DPN with patients instead of their mobile number. Patients from across the world can call a doctor on his/her mobile by simply dialing the DPN on the CallWithDoctor app. DPN is a robust yet simple solution that addresses doctors’ concerns around mobile number privacy while making them more accessible to patients. DPN further enables doctors to define their fee and monetize the time that they spend over phone calls with their patients.

How is DPN different from a mobile number?

Built on a robust patented technology, it does not require a separate SIM card or a mobile number. All a doctor needs to do is to install the CallWithDoctor app on his/her mobile and get a DPN for his/her existing mobile number.

While the app enables a doctor to control the inflow of calls by simply toggling between Doctor IN and Doctor OUT, it allows a patient to connect with his/her doctor through a single-tap dial.

DPN thus ensures privacy, flexibility, and control over doctor–patient calls, which is not possible with a mobile number.


Schematic diagram explaining the 3 aspects of DPN – Privacy. Simplicity. Reliability.


On a mission to provide access to 1 million doctors, anytime, anywhere!

India has only one doctor for every 1,681 patients, as reported by the Medical Council of India. In addition, over 60% practicing doctors we interviewed expressed discomfort in sharing their mobile number with their patients due to a fear of compromised privacy. On the other hand, about 90% patients expressed frustration over the inability to reach their doctors on phone to have their queries answered. This is detrimental to the access and delivery of quality healthcare required to achieve targeted health outcomes.

CallWithDoctor plugs the doctor–patient gap by breaking the clutter around communication and simplifying it through the medium of a Doctor Private Number (DPN). DPN is a robust yet simple solution that addresses doctors’ concerns around mobile number privacy while making them more accessible to patients. The possibilities with DPN are endless—from enabling patients in tier 2 and tier 3 Indian cities to talk to doctors in the metros, to breaking international boundaries in healthcare communication.

With DPN, we envision a truly flat world, where a patient can access a doctor, anywhere, anytime without having to go through the usual communication clutter of setting up appointments and traveling to clinics.

The answer to expanding the reach of healthcare, we believe, lies in getting doctors and patients talk to each other without the usual hassles and inhibitions.

Our mission is to bring together 1 million doctors, and patients, globally to talk to each other! And, we will not rest until this is achieved!

How do I get a DPN?

If you are a registered medical practitioner, you automatically qualify to receive a DPN for your mobile number. To get a DPN or to know more about the CallWithDoctor app, click